Meet Our Team

Nicole Keehn, RN, MS (N), PsyD

Licensed Registered Nurse, Licensed Supervising Psychologist

Favorites: running, biking, hiking, sailing, cooking, SEC football, spending time with my husband,
kids, friends, and extended family.

Next Goal: sprint triathlon.

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Trevor Carpenter, BS, MSA, ACE

Certified Fitness Expert, Paramedic / Fire fighter – PFD

Favorites: caring for my newborn son, movies, weight lifting, playing with my two Siberian
huskies, football and soccer

Next Goal: become a SWAT medic for the Plano Fire/ Police Department

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Heather Harrison Castro, B.S.

Office Manager, Insurance and Billing Coordinator

Favorites: Outdoor activities, visiting the mountains, water
sports, Bama football, spending time with my husband and extended family.

Next Goal: Graduate school

Kerry Donaldson, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow

Favorites: gardening, boating, relaxing at the lake, and camping

Next Goal: travel to Ireland

Dr. Donaldson offices primarily at her private practice, Donaldson Wellness Center in Waxahachie, Texas where she may be reached directly for questions or to schedule appointments.

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Suzan Merritt, M.B.A., Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow

Favorites: yoga, cooking, reading, hiking

Bucket list: vacation in Switzerland and improve Spanish language skills

Dr. Merritt may be reached directly at Whole Living, LLC, 406 W. Oak
Street, Gunter, Tx 75058
Email: YourWholeliving@gmail.com

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Merritt please register at LokahiLife.com. For questions regarding appointments please contact Heather Castro, B.S. at 972.975.2007.

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