What to expect during therapy:

We do not usually prescribe a frequency or duration of therapy and prefer that our patients learn skills and practice utilizing them between sessions.

Will there be "homework" during therapy?

Depending on your particular goals we may assign homework that will encourage self-growth, awareness, and speed your therapy process. It is your choice to complete the tasks.

What to expect during testing?

Unlike other centers we tailor our assessments for each patient. That takes more time on our part but saves you time during the testing process. Because of the individualization we typically provide an estimate for the amount of time your in-office testing will take.

We recommend that you bring snacks, lunch, and a drink. We are committed to doing our best to complete your testing on the day we see you. Breaking for you to leave to obtain food or drinks will delay your results and your report completion.

How can you save time during the assessment process?

We may send surveys through QGlobal, Pearson Testing, SASSI or another site for you to complete in the privacy of your home prior to your testing day and if you are able to complete those before we see you your time at the office will be significantly shorter.

Please make sure that all of your intake forms are filled out (not just signed) prior to your appointment. We really do review these forms prior to seeing you so that we can expedite starting your treatment instead of having you spend time filling out forms during your time in the office. Incomplete forms take up your time during your initial appointment instead of being able to utilize the time to start your treatment process.

Why do we ask for releases to communicate with references?

We often ask for reference releases so that we can communicate directly with your provider which saves you time and enhances ours' and your providers' care of you.

How do I schedule myself?

We suggest that you download the Therasoft Patient Portal app which will allow you to upload documents, retrieve documents, self-schedule your own appointments, and communicate through our T-secure HIPAA protected platform.

Why are we not able to answer the phone 24/7?

Our Dallas office is a small private practice and our resources are limited so that we can control our costs and that savings allows us to provide affordable care for you. Several times per week the members of our staff are providing direct patient care and are unable to answer the phones.

Do you provide crisis care?

We are not a crisis center and we do not provide first line crisis care. If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911, go to the nearest ER, or call the suicide hotline 988.

What if I am late or cannot make my appointment?

If you are late for your appointment, please call our office, T-Secure message us, or email us so that we can discuss options such as teletherapy, phone sessions or a possible reschedule. You should receive a T-Secure message or text message from our office 48 hour prior to your appointment as a reminder. If you are unable to make the appointment please communicate that to us.

What if it is the day of my appointment and I am unable to attend?

We will process a charge of $50.00 for missed therapy appointments and $200.00 for missed testing days.

Why can't I schedule my own testing appointment?

Assessments require tailored blocks of time and pre-order of your tests and measurements are completed prior to your appointment. We will work with you via T-Secure message, by text, or phone call to find the soonest appointment that meets your needs.

How do I know my insurance benefits regarding therapy sessions and testing appointment?

We require all patients to upload a copy of the insurance card + drivers licenses for us to obtain insurance benefits. Within 48 hours, we are able to upload your benefits to your patient portal for you to view your benefits before your intake appointment. We will also email you a short summary of your benefits.

What type of therapy do we offer?

We tailor therapies specifically to your goals and use an eclectic and integrative approach of many of the following therapies and concepts: CBT, REBT, EMDR, Exposure and Desensitization, Family Systems, Trauma Informed, Journaling, Marital/ Couple’s Counseling, Psychodynamic, Behavior Modification, Humanistic, Gestalt, Holistic, Gate Theory and several educational and coaching approaches.

how we can help


Teletherapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. Please note that it will be the patients responsibility to adhere to privacy guidelines and ensure that the patient is in a private place while in the session.

In Person

If you are able to make it into our Dallas office, we would love to have you! Some recommendations we have for your first in-person session would be to set goals and expectations for Dr. Nicole Keehn. 

Zoom/Microsoft Teams

In addition to phone therapy, we also have video therapy via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Please note that it will be the patients responsibility to adhere to privacy guidelines and ensure that the patient is in a private place while in the session.

Walk & Talk

Lokahi Life Center is one of the few offering this kind of session. There is an importance to mind and body connection. We feel that this is an effective way to get your mind working so you can have a successful session. 

You will have a prearranged location with Dr. Nicole Keehn which will be discussed after your first session. If you have any questions, please contact our Dallas office.

How to start


new patient form

you'll need to fill out the new patient form that is linked below. Please allow up to 48 hours for our team to get back to you.



You'll receive a phone call and/or email from us! We will discuss what a good time is for you.


let's get started 

Your first session will be however you'd like to start. We will discuss a plan that works best for you and a weekly schedule.