Trevor Carpenter, BS, MSA, ACE

Katherine Donaldson, PsyD

Trevor Carpenter, BS, MSA, ACE

Certified Fitness Expert, EMT

Mr. Carpenter applies research-based academic knowledge, strength and endurance training skills, and his many professional experiences working with a variety of clients to help individuals achieve their optimal fitness. He is an American Council on Exercise Certified Fitness Expert and has achieved the certification of Elite Fitness Expert. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and a Masters’ degree in Sports Administration from East Central University. Subsequently, Mr. Carpenter is Emergency Medical Trained (EMT), is certified by the American Heart Association in CPR and AED, and is currently pursuing a paramedic certification.

Mr. Carpenter’s education and professional experiences allow him the ability to work with people of all ages, and to incorporate a wide variety of exercises and routines that are specific for any fitness goal. He is experienced in group training, sport specific education and training, bodybuilding, and is qualified to develop programs for the pre- and post-natal population. Mr. Carpenter is passionate about strength training and conditioning to improve every day functioning, as a base for health prevention programs, to facilitate recovery in health rehabilitation programs, and by working with elite athletes to gain their optimal performance. He is educated in nutrition assessments and is able to assist with the development of nutrition programs that are unique for each client; each nutrition program is not only goal specific, but based upon client preferences that make the plans easier to follow. When working with cardiac or stroke rehabilitation clients, Mr. Carpenter will consult with your medical doctor to ensure a cohesive plan of treatment.

“The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.”Vincent Lombardi

Mr. Carpenter is a consultant to Lokahi Life Center and is independently employed. You may make an appointment directly with him by phone 214.929.3278 or email at T_revc27@yahoo.com.