APPIC Consortium

The North-Central Texas Psychology Consortium

The North-Central Texas Psychology Consortium (NCTPC) is a clinical training program developed by Drs. Keehn and Donaldson to provide quality clinical training in private clinical psychology practice for the nations’ brightest up and coming doctors. The program is certified by the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC), the national accrediting body and matching platform for psychologists in training.

Our pre-doctoral internship is based on the science of psychology that informs psychological practice in a full-time, 2000-hour, yearlong internship that runs from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. Our consortium program involves the most sophisticated, advanced, theoretical approaches and scientific delivery of a gamut of neuropsychological and psychological assessments and therapeutic engagement. Training for pre-doctoral interns is sequential, cumulative, and graded in complexity. We serve a broad population including individuals, couples, families and groups of all age ranges and presentations.

Currently, our pre-doctoral internship is accredited through APPIC and we are accepting applications to our consortium, NCTPC, through APPIC.org for the 2017-2018 internship year. Please submit your application through the APPIC.org website prior to December 14, 2016. If you have specific questions regarding internships or post-doctoral opportunities please contact our pre-doctoral intern coordinator, Kerry McClain M.S., PsyD (expected October, 2016) for general questions at kmcclain@donaldsonwc.com. Ms. McClain will be able to provide you with details regarding the ‘real world’ nuances of internship in the consortium. If you would like to speak with a consortium supervisor, please contact Dr. Nicole Keehn at nkeehn@donaldsonwc.com.
We are pleased to assist you in facilitating this process.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Training

Dr. Keehn is presently not accepting applicants for post-doctoral positions at Lokahi Life Center, PLLC for the 2016-2017 training year.